Straw Application

  Nina Belogortseva 2005     




The author of the applications is a voluntary leader of the club "Magical Hands" which unites the old age pensioners, war veterans and disabled at the Town Centre.


Original Russian Decorative Art

  • The distinctive feature of the pictures is the surprising play of light coming from the sparkling straw.

  • The dance of the golden half-tints of the straw changes every time the lighting or the direction of the look is changed.

  • The application works make a favorable impact on people's minds bringing peace and comfort into their souls.

  • The  natural straw
    wheat, rye, oats and wild grass used in the applications was collected on the fields of Samara Province, Russia..

  • Material: black velvet and toned straw.


The works of the club members have won prizes at various town exhibitions.


* You can buy any of the pictures from the author's gallery or make an order via e-mail.


The author's pictures can be seen at the offices of:

  • the Mayor of Springfield, IL
  • Wayne Evans, Ph. D., Peoria, IL
  • John Stretch, Ph. D., St. Louis, MO
  • Tina Timm, Ph. D., St. Louis, MO
  • Jeff Woodruff, Carbondale, IL

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